Princess Baker: Palace

Princess Baker: Palace is a puzzle/simulation game where you bake cakes and cookies by building and configuring cooking machinery.


For hundreds of years, the people of Snackelot have gotten their food from the land. Boulders of bread would regularly fall from the Doe Mountains, and cupcakes could always be made using magical Cupcake Crystals. But recently, the Muffin Mines have been producing fewer and fewer muffins and eclair extraction rates have been far below previous levels. People are starting to get worried.

The Princess Baker wants to show everyone in Snackelot that it's possible to make baked goods in ovens instead of mining for them. Hundreds of people attend the Royal Ball in the fall, and if she can get her food served there, it would really increase awareness about her ideas. Help the princess baker make yummy baked goods in her palace in order to win a catering contract for the Royal Ball.

Clear Ingredients
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Contract Fulfilled!
You have earned:
Contract Failed
Your phone is ringing off the hook. The food was a hit! People keep phoning to congratulate you. Rachel Spindle gave you her compliments. The Minister of the Royal Ball called it the tastiest Royal Ball ever. Even your fairy godmother called.
The people at the Royal Ball could not believe how good the food was. Many thought you had found a new magic mine with better tasting cakes and cookies. They were amazed when you explained to them that you had baked the food yourself. At the end of the ball, everyone gave you a toast and an ovation. A TV reporter even interviewed you after the ball!
Word of your bakery is spreading around Snackelot. Everyone wants to know, how soon will it be before everyone in Snackelot can try your baked goods?
The End
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Princess Baker: Palace
by Ming-Yee Iu
with game writing by Emily Short

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Difficulty: Normal

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Sometimes, you need to quickly jump around to different parts of your palace. One way to do this is to use hotkeys. Move to a location that you want to be able to jump to quickly and press ctrl + a number key between 1 and 7 to mark the location. To get back that location later, simply press the same number key as before (without the ctrl key).

  • 1-7: Jump to a marked location
  • ctrl + 1-7: Mark a location
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